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Customizable Handmade Waldorf Dolls for Soothing Your Mind and Warming Your Heart

Potato-Babies™ are handmade lovable bundles of joy created by artist Monika Lambert. These Waldorf-style bunting dolls are made with a soft cotton skin and a variety of natural body filling options. 

Potato-Babies offers four types of doll: Original Potato-Babies™, Sweet Potatos, Potato Tots, and Potato Sprouts


Each doll type has 3 skin tone options:  peach, tan, and brown


Customize these additional features: weight, flower headdress, and outfit


Filling options for all 16" dolls include: rice, buckwheat, rolled oats, cornmeal, whole grains, flax seed meal, and flax seed


These natural fillers allow Potato-Babies™ to be easily heated by microwave as a warm snuggle companion!

"The Original" Naturally Scented

These cuties are 16" and weigh between 3-5 lbs. Naturally scented from their filler, Potato-Babies™ make a great heatable and chillable companion!


"Sweet Potatos"

Mmmm, what's that smell!? Take a deep breath in when you cuddle up with these customized aromatherapy babies! Now available in 8 scents!

"Potato Tots"

These tiny tots pack a lot of love! Measuring only 8" and weighing less than 

1 lb, these dolls make great play friends. They are designed in the style of a lovey!

"Potato Sprouts"

Hello little cuties! Measuring only 4" and filled with sundried french blue lavender buds, these hand dolls are the perfect stress reliever! And not to mention, so darn adorable!

Ready for a Home

We're ready for homes! Potato-Babies™ that have been pre-made for craft shows now need forever families! Choose from a number of dolls with various outfits and scents!


The unscented Original Potato-Babies™ are our thermotherapy, or heat therapy dolls. Heat therapy is a type of natural pain relief that reduces muscle discomfort and aids in relaxation. Our natural fillers allow Potato-Babies™ to be heated and snuggled safely...


Our Sweet Potato-Babies™ embrace the benefits of armomatherapy, an alternative medicine that utilizes volitile plant parts in the form of essential oils. Aromatherapy is said to help better your mood,  alter your state of mind, and supplement other medicines...

Why Potato-Babies?

Natural Fillers
Essential Oils

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